Master Baba Ecnarongi Foresees Doom, Gloom, and Disaster in 2010!
(as usual)

The Master wearing his thinking cap

Master Baba’s Predictions, 2010

Who is the Master?
For those who are new to my web site, some introduction is needed here. I got interested in channelling several years ago, and it was after the new age movement had already become very BIG. Consequently, all the Great Masters, and even the Pretty Darn Good Masters, were really busy. I ended up choosing between the Mediocre Masters, and Master Baba Ecnarongi sounded like a good Master-like name, so I picked him. Master Control then introduced us, with profuse apologies to me, and I didn’t yet know why. Much later, I realized that “Ecnarongi” is what you get if you spell “ignorance” backwards.
Oh well. Guess I’m stuck with him now.

So here it is. The Master puts on his tinfoil thinking cap and makes his astounding, amazing predictions for the year 2010. Mark your calendars, and watch as he, once again, hits a bulls eye on everything he says.
(He told me to say that, but I think there is another bull related word that would fit much better.)
I'm sure he will display his usual pin head (Oops! I mean pin point.) accuracy. At least we will know what won't happen, most likely.

These answers are what he said, basically, as I remember it. Some of them have been cleaned up and made more intelligent sounding than the way he actually said them. Why do I try?
Anyway, this is it. The parts in parenthesis are my comments.


"Bill will be caught playing with Monica again, and Hillary will beat him in the head with a 12 inch cast iron skillet."

"Sweeping Republican wins in both houses will leave our nation in even greater peril than we are in now, and leave the Democrats stupidly picking their noses while standing in the dust and wondering what just happened."

"Barack Obama will switch parties, and officially become a Republican."

"So will Dianne Feinstein, but she will be beaten in the primary by Condoleezza Rice, probably using a 12 inch cast iron skillet."

"Sweeping Democrat wins in both houses will leave our nation in even greater peril than we are in now, and leave the Republicans stupidly picking their noses while standing in the dust and wondering what just happened."
(Guess he wants to cover all bases here, and make sure he gets something right.)


“Boring! Boring! Boring! Business news is always boring. Don’t bother asking me about that stuff. I don’t care what a few clowns in blue suits are doing. Don’t waste my time asking! Besides, it’s too complicated!”
“OK, you really want to know something, I’ll tell you. Gold will go under 750 bucks an ounce! How about that! Better sell now!!”
(I don’t think I can get any answers on this subject, and I really want to know. Anyway, I doubt it about the gold, and if he thinks I have any, he’s cuckoo. A five year old kid probably understands economics better than the Master. Why couldn’t I get someone to channel who has a brain? Later he did say that houses would get so cheap that even I could buy one. Good news? Maybe not. Imagine what would have to happen to make this so. On the other hand , he also says I am going to make a lot of money. He really likes living on the edge.)


"The Sacramento Kings will lose every game, but get a new stadium anyway. The Maloofs will generously offer to build it with their own money."
(He is going way out on a limb with that part about the Maloofs, but that's what he says.)

Earth Changes:

The Master says 2010 will finally be the year when all of those disasters predicted by Nostradamus, Cayce, the Bible, the National Weather Service, the Mayans, the Hopis, the hippies, Chicken Little, and the Master himself will finally happen, all at once. He says it will be exactly what he has been waiting for all these years. He says it will be so much better than that 2012 movie, because it will be really happening, and it will be sooner! As you can see, the Master is a little twisted, and actually loves disasters, the bigger the better.


"All those people who hate each other will finally bring out the nukes and let fly. Get out the popcorn and enjoy the mayhem as half the planet is toasted. Yeehaw!"
(Same story about the Master loving it when something really bad happens.)

“There won’t be a big war over the entire Mideast after all because President Obama will change his mind and decide to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too bad. I was looking forward to that.”
(Once again, the Master goes out on a limb. Lotsa luck on this one! By the way, how does it square with that last one? Hmmmm.)


"Dave Harpe will become a celebrity when one of his CDs finally sells a million copies. Then he will ignore my brilliant, well thought out advice, move to Hollywood and mess up his life so badly he is always in the gossip rags. I'll just tell him I told you so!"
(This is by far the most unlikely of all the Masters nutball predictions, for sure.)

"All the people you see in the gossip rags and on TV will be killed at once when a nuclear bomb hits Hollywood. Americans will go crazy with boredom because there is nothing to read, and nothing to watch on TV. There will be riots."
(Oh my God! The Master says I will be there! This is terrible!)

"There will be a miraculous resurrection of Michael Jackson, and there will be much rejoicing among his followers. He will announce that he has joined the Church of Scientology, and all of his fans will do the same."

"L. Ron Hubbard will also be miraculously resurrected, but will be unable to go back to the Church of Scientology because Michael Jackson has taken it over."

"Richard Nixon will also be miraculously resurrected, and try to position himself for a run for President, but the Republican party leaders will say he is too liberal."

"There will be a miraculous resurrection of all the celebrities who died when Hollywood was nuked, but everyone else will stay dead, especially the poor. These anointed ones will then worship the King of Pop, and join the Church of Scientology, except Dave Harpe, who will finally understand that I am wiser than he is, and actually listen to my sage advice. Hah!!"
(Yeah, right!)

“Rush Limbaugh will become a liberal.”

"George W. Bush will emerge from his cocoon, and turn out to be a space alien, who looks like a giant bug. His wife will divorce him and Condoleezza Rice will be grossed out and go on a puking fit for a week."

“There will be a miraculous resurrection of Ronald Reagan. He will run for President and win by a landslide. The Democrats will challenge his qualifications, saying he has already had his lifetime limit of terms. The Supreme Court will rule that he gets 2 more because he has a second life, and because God is a higher authority than the United States Constitution.(Huh?) Vice President Sarah Palin will try to give him a cyanide cookie, but Todd will find it in the refrigerator and eat it with his morning beer.”

Other Garbage:

"The United States government will finally disclose all the secrets it is hiding about UFOs, free energy, 911, men in black,  JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King, Tesla, Elvis, J. Edgar Hoover, Mark Foley, Osama Bin Laden, Jimmy Hoffa, Manuel Noriega, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Oliver North, the Bush family, Bill Clinton, flight 800, flight 990, men who didn't go to the moon, the global warming hoax, the hollow earth, the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, and the alien it has been holding captive all these years since Roswell, and a whole bunch of other crap nobody really cares about, including stuff about YOU. It will even reveal proof that I, Master Baba Ecnarongi, really was Cleopatra in a past life."
(If the government ever told the truth about anything, who would believe them now. Even the Master has more credibility then they do.)


"The goal of artificial intelligence will finally be realized when a computer announces it is God. Using it's superior intelligence, it will make itself king of the world, and just before it orders the elimination of all humans, it will freeze up with the blue screen of death."

"The large hadron collider will make a black hole, which will swallow up the whole planet in one big gulp, and prevent any of the foregoing from actually happening."
(Actually, I didn’t know the Master was aware of the LHC. Science usually doesn’t interest him.)

So there it is, kids. The Master, in all his wisdom, has said it, so it must be true. Right?


Would you believe he just missed once, or maybe even twice?

Would you believe maybe he was right on just a few of these things?

Would you believe he gets it right about Bill and Monica, but misses everything else?

Okay, maybe you would believe Bill gets mixed up with some other girl, and nothing else here actually happens? Even I can believe that.

Personally I hope it is true about the million CDs, but not that other part about the mistakes, or the nuking of Hollywood. Who knows?

Oh well......

(The year is now 2012, and even after 2 extra years, the Master scores a great, big goose egg. Yet another seer of doom is wrong, and I would say that's wonderful news.)

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