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Master Baba Ecnarongi

About Master Baba Ecnarongi

For most of the last 2,000 years, there was very little channeling. In fact, there were times when the church would have people executed for it. This was not always so. Channeling was commonplace back in the years of Rome, and before. The Bible is full of channeled information, but the early Chirstians literally closed the book on channeling when they wrote the last word of the Bible. Then they became very powerful when they succeeded in converting Rome to Christianity, which was the birth of the Roman Catholic church. For a long time, the Great Masters didn't have much to do.
Then came the 1900s and modern Spiritualism, Christian Science and a few other such religions were born. People started channeling again, although it would be a while before they would call it that. As these religions grew, the Great Masters started becoming very busy. Imagine being in a room full of telephones and they are all ringing. It was like a PBS pledge drive, with only a few people there to answer the phones. This was when they brought in the second string. These were the Pretty Darn Good Masters. With their help, things settled down again, and everyone was able to handle the work being done.
Then along came the 1960s, and the New Age movement was born. Things started getting busy again. Very busy. Suddenly, there were many new religions, and groups that met for the sole purpose of channeling. The Masters were back in the PBS pledge mode again. They started desperately looking for more help, and this is when they brought in the third string. This included extraterrestrials who had never set foot on this planet, leaders of bizarre cults, and just dead people who were bored with Heaven. Finally, in an act of pure desperation they brought in the Mediocre Masters. There are huge, vast numbers of these, so things finally settled down again. This was when I started looking for someone to channel, and that is how I got paired up with Master Baba Ecnarongi.
Master Baba Ecnarongi is a very old soul, who has been many places in our planet's history. He does not claim to be any of the spiritual masters we are familiar with. However, he was often the one working backstage, helping these highly spiritual beings cope with the physical world. For example he was a public relations handler for Jesus. He had the same relationship with Jesus that Dick Morris had with Bill Clinton, which I suspect is why Jesus was crucified.
According to the Master, he did incarnate as a few obscure masters from time to time, who were not well known in the western world, such as Drukpa Kunley and Pu Tai, as well as a few others who have been completely, and mercifully, forgotten. He prefers to work in the background, where there is not so much stress and public attention. He says, "If you go through life quietly, and don't make much of an effort to improve yourself, you may be seen as a fool, but if you make yourself known and do many things, you remove all doubt."
He has said he would like to be a "walk in" but he can't find anyone who wants one, except people who have made a huge mess out of their lives. I am glad he is a discarnate entity, because if he had a body, he would probably be like Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural, eating all my food and making me sleep on the couch in return for his pearls of infinite wisdom.

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