Introduction, Imagine This

Here is a theory to try to explain why everything is as it is, and why so many of us feel that we have a purpose. It borrows a lot from new age thought, but without using words like "frequency", "vibration", or "energy". To me, it's hard to understand what is meant by words like these, and that's probably why they didn't get into this article. It also borrows a lot from Terrence McKenna. Consider it as a possibility, an overview of the much larger part of this world that we can't actually see in our everyday lives.

Consciousness and Evolution

All consciousness has the power of manifestation, but more clouded, less brilliant consciousness, such as that of humans and animals, has very limited ability to do this. The main reason is probably to protect them from themselves. If most of the fearful thoughts that simmer in the minds of humans and animals were able to instantly manifest, this would be a world of horror and chaos. Indeed, I suspect that a person who has consistently bad luck is someone whose consciousness is too powerful for his present ability to focus and reason, and those subconscious demons manifest a little bit too often. This makes them worry a lot, which further increases their bad luck This is manifestation from fear, and it's very bad news.

I suspect the idea of too much power to manifest also explains why some people have luck which is very good, so good that they can do very well in this world, without regard for the fact that they are hurting others by taking too much of the pie for themselves. They are totally focused on themselves, and are hardly aware, or not aware, that other conscious beings exist. To them, other people are just resources to be exploited. This is manifestation from selfish desire, and is also a bad condition. It really is lonely at the top. This kind of power, in the wrong hands, leads to destruction and chaos just as surely as manifestation based on fear.

Sharing and Teaching

There are a few of us who have good luck and share that good fortune with others. They may be highly cultivated people who understand the value of civilization and cooperation, or they may be unusually intelligent or empathic, with the ability to understand what life might be like for someone else. and they recognize that all humans and animals are conscious beings. They are the ones who are starting to "get it right" and preparing to move forward a lot in their own evolution. I would guess that many of the "star children" and "indigos" fit into this group.

There are other conscious beings who have much more mental clarity and ability to reason than humans have, and their ability to manifest is also much greater than ours. They can travel between stars and dimensions, and they are generally much more highly evolved than humans. We have called them spirits, aliens, gods, devils, sprites, elves, leprechauns, and all kinds of things as they make their appearance here, but their appearance is, in most cases, a matter of choice, and is not always the same. Some are physical beings using some form of space craft to get here, and they are most like us, but most of these beings are something different, which we know very little about, at least so far. I suspect that there are far more of them than we would guess, and they keep us from causing too much chaos and destruction. We are like children to them, learning how to handle the fire of our own consciousness, and they are usually good parents, letting us stumble to learn to walk, but not letting us fall too hard or often. Taking care of us is part of their learning experience, and they don't always do it perfectly.

Learning From Power

Increasing the power of manifestation in unevolved beings very slightly is necessary for their learning and evolution, because they will stay in a rut and learn little or nothing if it is not done, but doing so too much can do a lot of damage to themselves and others. The beings I mentioned in the previous paragraph are probably the ones regulating this, and they are also in the middle of a learning process. Generally they are wiser than we are, and we benefit from what they are doing. A person who has unusually powerful ability to manifest may be someone who chose to be on an evolutionary fast track, where they grow faster, but take on more risk in the process of doing so. To some degree, our highly evolved teachers allow this, but they don't like it if we play with fire too much and get seriously burned. They are probably the reason why this world has not been engulfed in a nuclear war.

God, the Universe, and Everything

There is a powerful consciousness, maybe we could say it's a super consciousness, with unbelievable powers of manifestation, which is, moment by moment creating the universe. It is focused on mathematics, logic, physical constants, and its own desire for novelty and experience, and it is the reason why this world is orderly and follows rules of mathematics and physics. It learned an unimaginably long time ago that this is an excellent pattern to use for the manifestation of experience. This is why all physical constants in this Universe are exactly as they should be to create the maximum possible complexity and experience, and to create what we call Life. It is also why so much of this world can be so beautifully described with mathematics.

We might as well call this being, or these beings, God, I guess, but we must be mindful that the word "God" has a lot of baggage that needs to be excluded from this definition. This goes way beyond the angry man in the sky or even the loving Father talked about by Jesus. These things may actually exist in the lives of some people, and especially groups of people, because of their own consciousness and power of manifestation, but they are not what I am talking about here.

We Are One

All of these conscious beings are linked together, as there is only One, operating through a massive, multi layered gestalt. We, and all beings, are part of it's exploration and experimentation into what is possible. Imagine that!

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