Money Is The Problem.

The system is corrupt because money is corrupting, for the same reason that power is corrupting. Money is a form of power, maybe the most insidious of all, because it confers rights of ownership on anything it buys, in the minds of most people. If I stole something from you, then you would believe it is yours, but if I bought it, you believe it is mine, even if the money I used to buy it was stolen. If I have enough money, and you are in enough need for something it can buy, then I can buy your time, your loyalty, your morals, maybe even your soul, and you will not question it, ever, no matter how I got the money in the first place. It seems that in the average human mind, ownership has higher priority than any other principle, and that is reinforced by this money driven culture.

In this culture, a “good” person recognizes ownership over basic rights of freedom, a home, and sustenance, even to a point where he will say a rich person has the “right” to live in extreme luxury while someone else is dying of hunger. The natural human instinct of compassion bows to the idea of ownership.

That is how money can corrupt human values and turn us into monsters, We think we are good people who are “just earning a living” or “just following orders”, while denying the fact that we are doing something repugnant so we can feed our own kids. That would be especially true of those who are employed as enforcers, such as police, military, and the TSA.

Sooner or later, this is the inevitable conclusion of our money based system, because the people who can acquire the most money are the the small percentage of humanity who are total psychopaths, with absolutely no inhibitions in the form of scruples or conscience. The rest of us are handicapped by our own kindness and honesty, and can’t compete. As they get more and more money, they leave less and less for us, and times get harder and harder. At some point, we start compromising our values in order to continue making ends meet.

History is full of examples of this. All societies based on money sooner or later decline into monstrous caricatures of what they once were. Eventually, as wealth continues to transfer to the top, workers no longer have what they need to survive. Then they revolt or die, or both.

Is there a way to stop this pattern before it reaches its bitter end? Can we rescue ourselves from this intractable nightmare?

I like to think that enough people will become aware, and pull together to create alternative communities, where everyone is equal, and the psychopaths can’t place themselves into leadership positions, because there are no such positions. Nobody has the power to coerce someone else to do his bidding. There are no bosses. Such a community would have the combined strength of all its members, because they will not be fighting against each other. Communities like this could grow at an accelerating pace, welcoming the tired, frustrated members of the larger society, and showing the rest of us that there really is a better way. I don’t know if something like that would work, and would be able to protect itself from the paranoid and jealous royalty of the rest of the world. They would have to be very non threatening, even more so than the hippies. I hope there is a way.

Are we even capable of something like this, or are we hard wired to follow money and authority to the pits of Hell, like sheep to the slaughter house?

The time of testing is near, I suspect. With our society getting close to the point of economic collapse, we tremble on the brink of another terrible fall. At the same time, with our rapidly advancing technology, we are now holding the keys to the greatest forces for creation or destruction that have ever been in the hands of human beings. We are rapidly reaching the point where there will be only two options, utopia or extinction.

I fear that the reason SETI does not pick up any signals is because all other societies out there have reached this crucial point, and did not make it. If so, are we any different?

Are we ready to pass this test?

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